UviMkneni Performing Arts Association
('The Switched On')
The community was formed at the point of opening something new, where the other one possesses the fullness of presence, while someone's own "I" is dramatically insufficient.

іMknenі is an independent art community of young ukrainian performers, formed in Ukraine within 2011 - 2014 who determine physical theater, contemporary performing practices, improvisation as a sphere of their artistic interest.

The community was formed at the point of opening something new, where the other one possesses the fullness of presence, while someone's own "I" is dramatically insufficient.

The main feature of our artistic process is our constant entering the field of something new and unknown. Our performance is not a once built and "carved in marble" forever structure. Ideas and images that inspire us for the process also have a habit to change, undergo re-interpretation and re-awareness of the process participants.

We continue to experiment. Performance is a living, breathing pattern, the key means of expression of which are physical movement, dance, speech. Every time we go on stage, we put ourselves into the area of "not-knowing", inviting the viewer to take part in the "here and now" process both during performance, and in the post-performance discussions.
Artistic Director
Maryna Lymar
Member of СID-UNESCO. A holder of fellowship of an international programme `Тheatre. Feedom. Dialogue` initiated by the European Theatre Convention with the aim to integrate Ukraine into the European theatrical context. Participant of more than 60 international internships, fellowship programmes, creative residences as a performer and a teacher.
She explored physical theatre, performance practices, improvisation, contemporary dance, somatic and conscious movement techniques in USA, Austria, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Russia and South Corea.
The British Council's programme which provides support for artists with disabilities in four countries of the European Union's "Eastern Partnership". The project aims to foster their professional development and their participation in the creative
economy. Unlimited is responsible for organizing a residency for dancers and choreographers held in Georgia and the creation of Armenia's first disabled-inclusive theatrical company. The programme took its first steps this year in Ukraine with the series of inclusive art labs and the performance A Place To...
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Process. Improvisation
This is the reality of multiple, disparate and interconnected. Reality born actors from scraps collective unconscious spectators.

Each of us has undergone the process of becoming the other one, didn't get scared of the otherness of the other one, remained perceptive and open to the statements of the other.

A modern spectator is ready for transformation
We believe that a modern viewer is ready to transform the sophisticated consumer of theatrical activity in the partner. Together with the audience, we create on the stage, and a joint creative act, which remains true as long as there is present the effect of surprise and unpredictability. Each performance is born from the interaction of the actors and the audience, each performance — experiment, so your applause — this is not an expression of gratitude for what he saw, but rather a sign of consent to participate in an event.
We are interested in dance, theater, performance in the context of the study and open dialogue with the audience and other artists. We are encouraged by the opportunity to rethink personal experience by means of art, as well as the opportunity to experience art as a personal experience.
— Maryna Lymar, Artistic Director

When the idea of slipping from our consciousness, it is
does not cease to exist - as well as a machine for hiding an angle, does not dissolve in the air. Just she was out of sight. Later, we can meet again, this machine, and how can we come across previously thought lost.

— Carl Gustav Jung, Analytical Psychology.

What media says
In these projects, they draw the viewer's comfort zone. He is not sitting in a dark room in a comfortable chair, but forced to move into contact with strangers, quick to respond and act in situations to which he is not ready.
Katya Lazaniuk, Teatre.ua
It's not what it seemed to you. They sang, danced, and cried, and even laid out the stones, playing tennis, and wore masks.
Odessa performers staged an unusual presentation in the city center. They stirred up city residents, passers-by, the art center staff and our crew. The viewer becomes an observer and a real participant.
7 Channel, Odessa, Ukraine
+38 050 425 19 79
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